Some say “there’s no such thing about failure, we either succeed or we learn” and I definitely feel the same way and share the same mindset. Why? The way I see the world is that we (humans) should live our lives to the fullest, improve ourselves daily and learn until…

With all this coronavirus “buzz” I can’t stress enough the benefits of remote working. Like I’ve mentioned before, remote workers are a huge benefit both personally and for the company itself.

The time you save commuting, the waiting times and so many other factors that can actually stop you being…

One of the main challenges of having a remote agency is to explain our customers that, the fact we do work remotely does not affect the quality nor the deadlines.

A lot of companies still think that a physical meeting is the holy grail to get things done and to manage the progress of a certain project. We all know that’s not entirely true.

Rezult IO — Logo made by Nádia Neves

For us at Rezult IO we believe that transparency is key to go further our customers expectations, to walk the extra mile.

There are four pillars that we think it’s essential:

  • totally transparency
  • always available
  • small deliveries and with great following
  • … behind the screen we are all humans!

With this in mind even the most unbeliever cannot argue against this performance.

Version 2.0 of

Yesterday just launch the version 2.0 of my project

My motivation came from the last earthquake in Mexico City that destroyed dozens of builds, kill a lot of people, etc.

This is still a simple version of something that could really be helpful and meaningful.

I believe this project has long way to go. For now, there are some improvements:

  • You have the possibility to see the region of each earthquake;
  • The home dashboard became more colourful and clean;
  • It’s more fast and reliable;
  • New about page that shows the road map and some explanation about the symbols and colours;

Let me know your thoughts and your feedback. I promise that I’ll consider it.

Ricardo Carneiro

Co-Founder at Rezult IO, full time Geek, Engineer and Web Enthusiastic

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